Volvo L 350 F to Lübeck-Travemünde

Usually here you can see only photos until the moment where the loaded machines depart from us. Today this is something different.

The forwarding company Hermann Titschkus Hermann from Bremen came in the morning to load this machine bring it to the Skandinavienkai to Travemünde. The loading was very fast and then it was waiting for the police escort. Due to the dimensions and weight of the machine the Police must escort the truck until Skandinavienkai. On the first night there was something to complain about, but not the driver had to go into debt. Thus, the transport was not until the next day on the trip.
In Travemünde the machine was unloaded quickly and with the Finnlady in the background looks an L 350 F not so huge.

Thanks to Andy the driver and his companion.

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